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MU Online was created in December 2001 by the Korean gaming company Webzen..
Like in most MMORPGs, players have to create a character among seven different
classes and to set their foot on the MU Continent. In order to gain experience and
thus to level up, a players needs to fight monsters (mobs).

MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems,
to frightening ones such as the Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan. Each monster-type is unique,
has different spawn points, and drops different items.

Server name : MU Pearl

Server Version: Season 12 Episode 2
Server Experience: 500x
Drop: 30%
Chaos Machine: Default
No-reset / Non-rebirth
Normal Level: 400
Master Level: 420

Castle Siege
Arca War Battle
Group PvP
Selupan / Kundun / Medusa
BC / DS / CC / Illusion and more..
Pandora event
Duel Master
Ferea battle
Nixie boss event
CryWolf Balgass event (Gives +10% success rate on chaos machine)
Golden Goblin to Golden Kundun

/addstr (Strenght)
/addagi (Agility)
/addvit (Vitality)
/addene (Energy)
/clearinventory (clear whole inventory)

Guilld alliance max 3
Guild min. member 10
Excellent option/s : 1~3
Ancient excellent option/s : 1~3
Socket item slot : 5
Max seed level : 5

Muun system
Pentagram system
OffTrade / OffLevel - OFF
Cash shop : Seal etc.
Starting gear added
Devias PvP square
Starting gear ( Tier2 +15 ) + /giftitem (4.5 wing Conqueror or Angel & Devil wing)

wCoins and Ruud reward:
Boss hunt
Online playing hour reward & Events
Account Panel
Top Players
Currently this is only one server.